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Diaload is born out of real-world challenges, backed by domain expertise, and aims to fulfil a need for improved app distribution, testing and collaboration.

Our Story

A Great Story Starts with a Friendly Team

Crafted by developers for development teams, Diaload embodies a deep understanding of the challenges and pain points in app distribution within the industry. With first-hand experience and insight, we’ve meticulously designed a product that not only addresses but anticipates your needs, ensuring the smooth release of superior apps

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Powerful Solutions for Your Distribution Needs

Quickly incubate functional channels with multidisciplinary architectures authoritatively fabricate.

Effortless app distribution

Upload both Android and iOS apps with ease. Automate your deployments by connecting with your favourite CI/CD tool using our CLI.

Get rich feedback, faster

Testers can quickly access, test, and provide insights using our instant chat or feedback feature, enabling developers to iterate and improve the app more efficiently.

Access to tester pool

Need app testers? Whether you're lacking in numbers or seeking to bolster your QA team, we've got you covered. Engage testers from our dedicated in-house pool, ensuring your apps are meticulously tested across diverse devices and conditions.

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Diaload is committed to offering mobile app development teams an affordable solution that is as comprehensive as it is cost-effective.

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