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  • 3 Apps
  • 2 Admin user
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  • Unlimited app releases
  • Unlimited app installs
  • 500MB Storage
  • CI/CD
  • 30 days retention time
  • 100MB max upload
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  • Unlimited admin users
  • Unlimited testers
  • Unlimited storage
  • No retention limit
  • 24/7 priority Support
  • 1GB max upload
  • Testing campaigns
  • Connect private storage
  • Add-ons
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Diaload SDK serves as an integral in-app tool designed for testers to effortlessly report bugs and offer feedback right from within the app. With a dual focus on 'Sessions' and 'Feedback', our SDK ensures a seamless experience. 'Sessions' initiate upon the app's launch, meticulously tracking vital metrics, while the 'Feedback' feature empowers testers to share their invaluable input directly.

Each piece of feedback provided is meticulously tied to a specific session, ensuring clear context and understanding for every issue reported. Testers enjoy the flexibility of recording visuals directly through the feedback bar or uploading media from their gallery, providing developers with accurate visual aids to swiftly pinpoint and resolve issues. The process is further streamlined with a comprehensive feedback form and the convenience of direct chat between testers and developers within the dedicated Diaload app, fostering clear communication and efficient problem-solving!

Yes, Diaload offers a free forever plan for freelancers and a 14-day free trial for all other plans. You can start using Diaload without any credit card required. Our pricing options include a D0 plan, D1 plan, and D2 plan, each with different features and storage options. You can choose the plan that best fits your team's needs.

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. Any unused balance from your previous plan will be credited to your account and applied towards your next billing cycle.


Yes, with the Diaload CLI and 15+ integrations, you can define and target specific groups of testers, ensuring that the right versions of your app reach the intended audience. This is particularly useful for phased rollouts or A/B testing scenarios.

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