Effortless app distribution

Upload both Android and iOS apps with ease. Automate your deployments by connecting with your favourite CI/CD tool using our CLI.

Distribute to testers

Share your pre-release builds with the QA team and public testers

Distribute To Stores

Deploy your apps to the Google play or Apple app stores

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Get rich feedback, faster

Testers can quickly access, test, and provide insights using our instant chat or feedback feature, enabling developers to iterate and improve the app more efficiently.

Get valuable feedback

Receive feedback from our carefully crafted feedback form

Instant Chat

Maintain an open line of communication between the dev, QA, and testing teams

Access to tester pool

Need app testers? Whether you're lacking in numbers or seeking to bolster your QA team, we've got you covered. Engage testers from our dedicated in-house pool, ensuring your apps are meticulously tested across diverse devices and conditions.

Request Testers

Share your testing scenarios with us, and we’ll handpick the ideal testers perfectly suited for your specific needs!

Onboard Testers

Alternatively, effortlessly onboard and manage your own testers with ease and precision!

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AI Powered Insights

Receive AI-powered recommendations and actionable insights to enhance your apps effortlessly!

More Value with Diaload

Maximize value with Diaload App Distribution, unlocking enhanced features and capabilities for your applications!


Stay informed and updated

Remain in the loop on...

  • New chats
  • New feedbacks
  • New releases
  • New deployments
  • Important account status


With our SDK, empower your testers to capture annotated screenshots and record videos and sessions, accelerating your issue reproduction and resolution process!

A/B Testing with Groups

Leverage Diaload Groups to craft and analyze A/B tests, effortlessly comparing results to refine your app's performance!

Analytics & Metadata

Harness device analytics and metadata, linked seamlessly to each tester, providing deeper insights and context into your app's usage and performance!


Maintain your workflow seamlessly with our extensive support for a broad array of third-party tools, including GitHub, Slack, Fastlane, and more!

How it works

Distributing & testing apps on Diaload is straightforward and effortless. Here’s a quick guide on how it unfolds:


Upload your Android or iOS app


Invite testers via email or unique links

Get feedback

Get game-changing feedback to improve your app


One-click to deploy your fully tested app to the stores

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