These Terms of Use, together with the Privacy Policy and any referenced documents, govern the use of the Diaload Platform, its mobile application (“App”), and all related services.

Diaload, its App, Console (, and all related services will henceforth be collectively referred to as “Diaload” or “We” or “Us”.

By accessing, creating an account, or using our platform, app, or services, you acknowledge that you’ve read, understood, and agree to these Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy. If you disagree with any part of these terms, refrain from using our platform, app, or services. You are responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations. Please refer to Section 23 for definitions applicable to these Terms of Use.

Our Details

Our information is:

Business name:
Address: Accra, Ghana

Our Services

  1. Diaload enables developers to distribute, test, and gather feedback on their applications created for iOS and Android operating systems.

  2. Unlike other platforms, Diaload focuses on providing developers with a seamless environment to gather feedback, offering detailed insights on app testing for both Android and iOS.

  3. Diaload is designed for in-development, non-production applications or releases.

  4. Developers can sign up on our Console, release their apps, and invite individuals to provide feedback on the in-development apps.

  5. Through our Console, developers can create applications, invite members for feedback, upload application versions, and receive feedback via our integrated chat feature.

  6. The Diaload App facilitates the installation of app releases and manages feedback between developers and testers.

  7. Developers can invite unlimited contacts to test their apps and gather feedback.

  8. Developers can adjust permissions for testers at any time.

  9. Testers can also manage permissions regarding app access and feedback.

  10. Chat features allow for text and attachment-based communication. Any member can delete or report inappropriate chat content.

  11. Diaload reserves the right to modify or discontinue any part of its services without prior notice.

Platform Eligibility

  1. Use of Diaload is restricted to individuals capable of forming legally binding contracts under applicable law.

  2. Members should provide accurate and truthful information always.

  3. Any inaccurate or fraudulent information can result in account restrictions or cancellations.

  4. Diaload has the right to take legal action against members providing inaccurate, fraudulent, or unlawful information.

Members Conduct Rules

  1. Members must not engage in activities that violate laws, infringe on rights, promote fraud, or harm others.

  2. Diaload can remove any application or content that breaches these rules without prior notice.

  3. Undesirable content, including prohibited or illegal information, will be removed from chat features.

  4. Members can report any violations to

  5. Failure to adhere to these rules may result in account cancellation.

Upload Policy

  1. Developer Members can grant permission to other Developer Members or Invited Members to upload releases on their application, for both Android and iOS, making it immediately visible on our App.

  2. Diaload gathers necessary data from each Developer Member’s applications or release during the upload process. This assists Developer Members in understanding their uploads and gauging the number of Members eligible to install the release. For detailed information on data collection, refer to Section 5 of our Privacy Policy.

App Use License

  1. Diaload grants each Developer Member and Invited Member a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use our App and Services, contingent on accepting these Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy.

  2. Members acknowledge this license as non-exclusive and temporary. Diaload retains the right to revoke this license at any time. All rights not explicitly granted are reserved.

App Updates

  1. Diaload might periodically deploy updates or upgrades for the App or any Service. As a result, services might be temporarily inaccessible until the update is installed. All updates are considered part of our Services under these Terms of Use.

  2. Diaload determines the necessity and content of updates and is not obligated to provide them.

  3. Members might need to install updates to ensure optimal performance.

  4. Support might be temporarily suspended until all updates are installed.

  5. Diaload might cease updates for older versions of the App.

Registration on our Platform

  1. To access and utilize our Services, registration on our Platform and creation of an account (“Member Account”) is mandatory. During registration, Diaload requires you to provide personal details including your name, email address, and a password.

  2. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your Member Account and password.

  3. You bear responsibility for all actions under your Member Account.

  4. In case of any unauthorized access or security breach, notify us immediately and ensure you log out after each session.

  5. Diaload ensures the protection of your information, adhering to strict data protection measures. Details can be found in our Privacy Policy.

Subscription Plans

  1. Diaload offers a Starter Subscription Plan with various features which can already take you a long way.

  2. Diaload also provides paid Subscription Plans (D1, D2, D3) with additional features like screenshot capture, and screen recording, advanced analytics, etc.

  3. Payment for Subscription Plans can be processed through our Console. Prices are displayed on our Console and on our website.

  4. Diaload reserves the right to modify Subscription Plan charges.

  5. Upon payment, Diaload will email a confirmation receipt.

  6. Failure to pay the subscription fee will result in restricted access or termination of services.

  7. Subscription payments include applicable taxes.

Payment Method

  1. Diaload accepts Debit cards and Credit Cards as payment methods.

  2. Payment details are encrypted for security.

  3. Diaload ensures the confidentiality of your payment details.

  4. Ensure the payment details provided are valid and legally owned by you.

Cancellations and Refunds

  1. Members can cancel their Subscription Plan anytime by emailing

  2. Upon receiving a cancellation request, Diaload will process a refund to the original payment method.

Termination of these Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy

  1. Breaching these terms can result in immediate termination of your account and these terms.

  2. Members can request account and Subscription Plan cancellation anytime.

  3. Upon termination, members must cease using Diaload’s services.

Intellectual Property

  1. All intellectual property rights related to Diaload, including its platform, application, and services, belong solely to Diaload.

  2. Members agree not to reproduce, disclose, or misuse any intellectual property of Diaload.

  3. Members acknowledge that they have no rights over Diaload’s intellectual property beyond the stipulations of these terms.

Platform Maintenance

Diaload aims to provide uninterrupted service. However, periodic maintenance or unforeseen issues might cause temporary downtime. Members will be notified of scheduled maintenance.

Technical Support

  1. Diaload offers technical support to assist members in using the platform, app, and services. For technical support, email

Disclaimers, Warranties, and Limitation of Liability

  1. Diaload does not offer any kind of warranties, be it express or implied. The platform is provided “as is” to assist you in sharing and receiving feedback on developmental applications.

  2. Diaload makes no warranties regarding the accuracy or reliability of any content shared by members on the platform.

  3. Users are responsible for their online interactions on the platform.

  4. Diaload is not responsible for any disputes between you and other members.

  5. The responsibility for any harm or loss from accessing or using the platform lies solely with the user.

  6. Diaload does not guarantee uninterrupted, error-free, or secure access to its platform.

  7. Diaload is not accountable for any issues arising from specific device configurations.

  8. Diaload is not liable for any discontinuation or alteration of services.

  9. Diaload is not accountable for any indirect damages or losses.

  10. Diaload is not responsible for any indirect losses, including data loss, loss of profits, or business interruptions.

  11. Diaload is not accountable for any damages or harms arising from shared content.

  12. Users are solely responsible for any damages or liabilities arising from their shared content.

  13. Any liability from Diaload is limited to one month’s subscription charges.

  14. Diaload is not liable for any fraudulent activities related to your payment method.

  15. Any exclusions or limitations of liability apply only as allowed by law.

Changes to Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

  1. Diaload reserves the right to modify these terms and will notify users via email. Changes become effective five days after publication.

  2. If users disagree with the changes, they must contact Diaload within five days.

  3. Acceptance of the terms is assumed after the given period.

Dispute Resolution

  1. Between you and other members:

    1. Users should attempt to resolve disputes amicably.

    2. Diaload can be contacted for advice on unresolved disputes.

    3. Diaload is not obligated to get involved in member disputes.

  2. Between you and Diaload:

    1. Disputes should be resolved through arbitration in Accra, Ghana.

    2. Class actions are not allowed.

    3. If arbitration fails, jurisdiction lies with the Courts of Accra, Ghana.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These terms are governed by the laws of the Ghana. Jurisdiction lies with the Courts of Accra, Ghana.

Miscellaneous Clauses

  1. Indemnity: Users must indemnify Diaload against claims arising from unauthorized use.

  2. Force Majeure: Diaload is not liable for obligations unmet due to uncontrollable circumstances.

  3. No Waiver: Non-enforcement of any provision doesn’t waive Diaload’s rights.

  4. Entirety: These terms supersede previous agreements.

  5. Severability: Invalid terms don’t affect the validity of other terms.

  6. No Third Party Beneficiaries: These terms benefit only Diaload and its users.

  7. Assignment: Users cannot transfer their rights without Diaload’s consent.

  8. Interpretation: These terms are interpreted without bias towards either party.

Contact Us

For queries or concerns, email


  • “App” means the software provided by Diaload to run on a mobile device to access and use our Services.

  • “Device”  means any smartphone, tablet, desktop, laptop and any other similar digital or electronic equipment.

  • “Dispute” means any disagreement, difference, or claim between you and any Developer Member and/or Invited Member; and/or any disagreement,  difference, or claim between you and Diaload.

  • “Developer Member” means any individual registered on our Platform and App as developer.

  • “Illegal Information” means any information about illegal activities and/or that implies and/or is related to drug trafficking, and/or money laundering and/or with any person or organization designated as a terrorist or terrorist organization by the government of any country or by any international organization.

  • “Invited Member” means any individual invited to use our Services by a Developer Member and registered on our Platform and App.

  • “Member Account” means the account that each Developer Members or Invited Members  must create when they register on our Platform and/or App to use our Services.

  • “Payment Methods” means any Credit Card and/or Debit Card.

  • “Personal Information” and/or “Information” means the information provided by any individual who creates a Member Account on our Platform and App and uses our Services.

  • “Console” means our website:

  • “Privacy Policy” means the document that governs the privacy practices and data protection of Diaload .

  • “Prohibited Content” means any message, text, graphic, photo, video or material of any kind, unlawful, prohibited, fraudulent, harmful, threatening, abusive, infringing, defamatory, harassing, vulgar, obscene, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable.

  • “Services” means services offered by Diaload, as described in Our Services section set out in these Terms of Use.

  • “Subscription Plan” means our free and paid services plans referred on Subscription Plan section of this document and that allows the use of our Services.

  • “Terms of Use” means this document.

  • “Diaload”  and/or “We” and/or “Us” means indistinctly  our digital online Platform  and/or App and/or Console, including all our Services.

  • “You” means  any individual who may access and/or  create a Member Account and/or use our Platform and/or App and/or Services.